Alumni... Thank You for Sharing Your Stories.

The Oral History Project (stories told by our alumni) is now complete... Books began being shipped in early September.

  • Thank you, Roland Nave and team, at PCI not the big company, for collecting, compiling, publishing and distributing our book.
  • Thank you to all Alumni that participated in this project
  • Special thanks to fellow alumni:

Kim Schlossberg for the cover design,

Kristen E. Andersen for the epilogue & family pictures and

Kent Elmer & Mike Casey, co-founders of TechCXO for your sponsorship of this project.

If you did not purchase a copy of the Oral History Project , our Publisher has informed us there may be a small number of books available for purchase. If interested call PCI's client experience at 1-800-982-1590 and inquire about the Andersen Alumni Association's Oral History