As we move into another silly session of American Politics, I’d like to lean into our mantra of THINK STRAIGHT TALK STRAIGHT. Outspoken political beliefs coupled with half-truths and or an absence of the truth have created an ugly divide in America. I hope you find the following helpful and informative as we need to try and overcome this divide.

Last week I spoke with a journalist and expressed my frustration in finding the truth in today’s reporting. I told the journalist it would be beneficial if journalists would simply abide by their professional creed. This specific journalist was unaware there was such a thing. For those that don’t know, The Journalist's Creed is a personal and professional affirmation and code of journalism ethics written by Walter Williams in 1914. Williams was the founding dean of the Missouri School of Journalism. The creed has been published in more than 100 languages, and a bronze plaque of The Journalist's Creed hangs at the National Press Club in Washington. A copy of the can be downloaded from the Missouri School of Journalism.

On a related note fellow Alumni and Former United States Comptroller General David M.Walker recently shared a video https://www.nolabels.org/our-leaders which I believe many of you will find interesting. David is one of the original national co-founders of #NoLabels, which promotes bipartisanship efforts to solving America’s challenges.

Two actions…. Professional Journalism needs to be restored and bipartisan efforts through groups like #nolabels are great steps in the right direction.

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Warren Turner