New Book Release Authored by Andersen Alumnus Jeff Thomas: Trading Up, Moving From Success to Significance on Wall Street

Author Bio: After starting his career as an auditor with Arthur Andersen in Houston, Jeff was recruited away to the internal audit department at PaineWebber. He eventually moved to the advisory side of the wealth management industry

Are you ready to have your perspective revolutionized?

Having started out as an ambitious financial advisor who quickly moved up to a top 1% producer on Wall Street, Jeff Thomas’ journey is one of transformation: moving from a focus on earthly success to one of greater significance. Maybe you too believe—as Jeff once did—that if you gain success, significance will inevitably follow. But as Jeff has learned, “Having achieved the financial success that I was striving after, I came to discover that the golden egg was hollow.” So how can you find genuine and lasting significance?

In Trading Up, Jeff shares the breakthrough that revolutionized his life’s mission. His story illustrates the incredible orchestration of God using ordinary people and pointed truths to capture his attention, moving him from a place of striving and self-reliance to a place of thriving and being “all in” with God.

Get ready to be challenged by penetrating insights and biblical wisdom as you embark on the thrilling adventure of Trading Up.

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