Entrepreneurial Spirit: Introducing Empower Colab!

At Empower Colab, we're on a mission to empower nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs. We understand that they're doing incredible work driven by their passion for

positive change. However, the world of marketing and communications can be overwhelming. That's where we come in.

Through education, coaching, and community, Empower Colab helps nonprofits and entrepreneurs maximize their impact with existing resources. We offer professional guidance on practical marketing and communication strategies, group coaching, and networking opportunities. Our goal is to assist overwhelmed, under-resourced, and under-represented organizations in optimizing their efforts.

Our dedicated team of professionals brings years of experience and a shared passion to the table. We equip organizations with the skills they need to handle marketing and communications themselves or tap into the support of volunteers and virtual assistants. Our affordable and comprehensive curriculum empowers change-makers to create a more significant and faster impact.

We're committed to making our program accessible, and we're actively seeking sponsors and supporters to help our nonprofit and small business communities thrive.

While we recognize that Empower Colab may not be the right fit for everyone, please consider forwarding this message to anyone who could benefit from our education or might be interested in joining our diverse, professional teaching team.

Join our no-obligation waiting list for our upcoming cohorts of nonprofits and entrepreneurs by visiting our work-in-progress website: https://theempowercolab.com

Kim Schlossberg, who served in the Marketing and Creative Services department of our Dallas office and Southwest Region in the 90s, is a driving force behind Empower Colab. Following her career at Arthur Andersen, she founded Kim Schlossberg Designs, a boutique design and marketing firm that continues to serve the needs of conscious businesses and nonprofits.